Roger Federer has confirmed his participation in the tournament on the pitch that he was crowned 10 times in 2021.

The first tournament Federer confirmed to attend in 2021

On the Tennis Head page, Roger Federer confirmed that he will attend the Halle Open 2021 – ATP 500 grass field held in Germany, takes place at the end of June each year and is considered a prize. Boots for the most famous Wimbledon. Halle Open is also the tournament that Federer was crowned 10 times. In the 2019 season, all grass leagues were canceled because of Covid-19.

Federer confirmed attending Halle Open 2021

The uncle revealed the reason for working for Nadal: In an interview on tennis World USA, Toni Nadal – Rafael Nadal’s former coach and uncle revealed that he did not receive any salary during training. ” Gaur”. However, Toni contends that it has given him more privileges.

“The Great Joshua – Fury War cannot be broken for money”

Ricky Hatton – who was once voted BoxRec’s greatest British light boxer of all time – has called for Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury to sit in. negotiation table with goodwill attitude to help the heavy boxing war goes smoothly. Last time, many sources said that Joshua constantly made money claims to make Fury difficult.

Doping convicted, MotoGP star decided to appeal

Not long ago, Andrea Iannone – a driver who spent many years in MotoGP received a 18-month ban for competing for doping. Currently, the Italian athlete is making an appeal to the Court of Sports Arbitration (CAS), but if the appeal fails, he will receive a heavier penalty.

The 2020 season is followed by a major golf tournament in Korea

Golf’s Asian Tour has just said that it is planning to resume the 2020 season in September. The government of the country has taken steps to relax isolation. A tournament worth more than $ 1 million will take place in the city of Incheon (South Korea) starting on 10/10 to.