Boxer Rafael Dos Anjos claims Conor McGregor will only be a coward if he does not dare to return to UFC and compare with him.

Rafael Dos Anjos challenges Conor McGregor

The nickname “Monster” Rafael Dos Anjos declared, Conor McGregor will only be a coward if he does not dare to return to UFC and compare with him.

On his personal Twitter page, “RDA” announced that they were capable of knocking out knockouts in only 3 rounds when facing “Irish Crazy”. However, it is unlikely McGregor accepted the challenge due to his decision to retire. McGregor and Dos Anjos almost clashed at UFC 197, but the match could not happen because Dos Anjos suddenly broke his leg.

Dos Anjos challenges McGregor

“Master” reveals Nadal’s plan. Former No. 1 in the world Carlos Moya – Rafael Nadal’s coach confirmed that his students will not retire before the age of 40. The world’s No. 2 player is currently rushing to train in Monaco, preparing for important tournaments after the calming Covid-19 pandemic. According to coach Moya, Nadal’s goal is to win at least 6 more Grand Slams to reach the milestone of 25 Grand Slam titles in his career.

Djokovic expressed his admiration for Luka Modric

Novak Djokovic is one of the best tennis players in the world. Meanwhile, Luka Modric is the best star in Croatian football history, and one of the leading central midfielders in the world of contemporary football. In a recent statement, “Nole” expressed admiration for Modric, that what the star of Real Madrid and this Croatia team has done is extraordinary.

UFC tycoon worries about losing Amanda Nunes

UFC top female boxer, Amanda Nunes recently shocked with the statement is considering retirement decision. The one who is most concerned about that happens is UFC President Dana White.

The UFC leader is trying to convince Amanda Nunes to continue to stick with the two contracting parties. In addition, Amanda Nunes is also promised to increase the bonus for the next round of bouts.