Right in the first round of the Playoffs, the American professional basketball tournament (NBA) had 2 pairs of matches that had to enter Game 7 to determine whether to win or lose.

NBA Playoffs are getting more competitive

The Playoffs series of the American professional basketball tournament (NBA) is taking place extremely attractive when seeing the second match that needs Game 7 in the first round.

The Houston Rockets have a chance to end the series against Oklahoma City Thunder if they win Game 6. However, veteran Chris Paul had a great game to help Thunder win with a score of 104-100 thereby equalizing the score. 3-3 against the Houston Rockets.

Leclerc apologizes to Ferrari technical team

The race in Belgium last weekend was a bad memory for Charles Leclerc. The French driver only finished 14/20 and still had a “dirty” seal with Ferrari’s technical team. The reason is that Leclerc’s car had a problem and had to enter the pit longer than usual.

However, this racer does not understand the idea and that the Ferrari technical team is ineffective and swears at the radio. The driver later apologized to the team for this incident.

Rory McIlroy dropped the Tour Championship

Renowned British golfer, Rory McIlroy decided not to participate in this week’s Tour Championship. The reason is that McIlroy and his wife Erica Stoll are about to welcome their first child. Currently, McIlroy has dropped to 4th place on the ranking of the best golfers.

Filipino athletes break records in Southeast Asia

Kristina Marie Knott, a naturalized Filipino athlete, achieved 11 seconds 27 on the women’s 100m track and broke the Southeast Asian record set in 1987.

Marie Knott attended the Drake Blue Oval Showcase tournament held in Iowa, the USA on August 29. She was shocked when she won a silver medal in women’s 100m content with the parameters of 11 seconds 27.

Knott’s performance is endorsed by the Philippine Sports Commission and the Philippine Athletics Association, according to Inquirer. Knott set a new national record in the Philippines. Meanwhile, he also broke the record in Southeast Asia that existed for the past 33 years.

This new record is exactly 1% second more than the old record set by fellow countrywoman Lydia de Vega. This old record was set at the 1987 SEA Games in Jakarta (Indonesia).