Here is the hottest sports news around the world today, July 11th, 2020.

David Goffin opens the possibility of attending the US Open

Belgian tennis player, David Goffin is the latest name to join the list of stars who are open to the US expansion next month. The world’s No. 10 player said he was still hesitant about moving to New York.

Therefore, he would wait a while longer before making a final decision. According to Sky Sports, Goffin said he was delighted to attend the event. However, it will take time to give an answer.

Carlos Sainz welcomes the return of “senior” Fernando Alonso

Carlos Sainz has recently moved to play for the Ferrari team, replacing the departure of Sebastian Vettel. The young Spaniard is one of the most exciting F1 stars with former racer Fernando Alonso returning to the track.

Fernando Alonso will join Renault and officially return to F1 in 2021. For Sainz, who will leave McLaren to join Ferrari at the end of the season, Alonso’s return also means that Sainz will no longer be a driver. The only Spanish to be mentioned at F1.

Revealing the reason Vettel quarreled with Ferrari

Before the first race of the Formula 1 season in Austria, the truth about Vettel’s departure from the Ferrari team at the end of the season was revealed.

Specifically, the four-time world champion said he was shocked to receive an unexpected phone call from racing team owner Mattia Binotto. The content is to inform Vettel that Ferrari will not renew the contract with the German driver.

Federer benefits from ATP

According to the new ATP scoring method, each player’s 22-month performance (3/2019 to 12/2020) will be considered based on the best scores in 18 tournaments.

This new method makes Federer certainly stay in the top 8 until the end of the year. He will likely be in the top 5 if the other competitors do not play well. In 2019, Federer won four tournaments at Basel, Halle, Dubai and ATP 1000 Miami. He also reached the final at Wimbledon as well as Indian Wells.

UFC boxers auction charitable items

Inspired by his colleagues, Max Holloway decided to use his bouncy kit to bid for charity. The information was shared by former UFC champion Featherweight on Twitter, as soon as he moved to Fight Island to prepare for the title match with Alexander Volkanovski.