Covid-19 caused many athletes to fall victim. In particular, the world martial arts world recently recorded cases, deaths caused a stir.

Right before the UFC 249 event, the martial arts world was surprised that Ronaldo Souza (Brazil, nicknamed “American Crocodile”) was positive for Covid-19. According to the schedule, Ronaldo Souza was in the middle with Uriah Hall in the middle, this was one of the 12 UFC 249 matches, but the match was later canceled.

Ronaldo Souza has been positive for Covid-19 test

A family member of Ronaldo Souza became infected with the Covid-19 virus, and later spread it to the boxer. But it was only when Ronaldo Souza arrived in the United States to attend the event of UFC 249 in Jacksonville in Florida on May 9, he received the news of “lightning strike”. Accordingly, when from Brazil to Florida, Ronaldo was screened for Covid-19 and he was positive.

Recently, the Japan Sumo Association said that a martial artist named Kiyotaka Suetake of the Sumo Takadagawa furnace died on May 13 due to multiple organ failure due to pneumonia related to Covid-19 virus. Suetake, nicknamed Shobushi, has been a professional competitor since 2007 and is currently playing in the fourth division of the Japanese professional sumo tournament.

Earlier Shobushi boxer said he had a fever, fatigue, shortness of breath. The boxer was hospitalized in Tokyo on April 8. After that, he tested positive for the virus. After a period of treatment, on April 19, his condition worsened. Therefore, he had to be actively treated but still did not recover. On May 13, he passed away when he became seriously ill.

Shobushi boxer died because of Covid-19

But the madness that Covid-19 caused to the martial arts world did not stop there. At the last UFC 249 event, trapped by the Covid-19 pandemic, the world’s most noted fighter – Khabib Nurmagomedov was unable to attend this event.

Khabib’s father, Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov, is undergoing intensive care in the hospital. There are no official sources on whether Abdulmanap has Covid-19.

Karl Roberson was diagnosed with Covid-19

Another boxer suspected of having Covid-19 is Karl Roberson. Recently, this boxer has to withdraw from the UFC Jacksonville event for health reasons.