Here is the Hot sports news in the world on October 10th, 2020. Let’s check out in the article below!

UFC boxers are jailed for assault

Heavy UFC fighter Ben Sosoli was sentenced to 22 months in prison for his involvement in a bar assault in September 2019.

Heavy UFC fighter Ben Sosoli was sentenced to 22 months for assaulting

Specifically, Ben Sosoli was working as a waiter at the Jacksons Lounge Bar in Melbourne, Australia. I joined a brawl with a drunk customer who had sneaked into the shop twice even though he was refused entry.

Olympic 2020 saves up to $280 million

During the meeting with the International Olympic Committee, the representative of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Organizing Committee proposed a plan to cut costs in times of economic hardship because of Covid-19.

Olympic 2020 saves up to $280 million

Accordingly, the biggest sports event on the planet in 2021 is expected to reduce the number of free tickets. Besides, the athlete’s welcome ceremony as well as the number of banners, mascots, fireworks… are reduced. As planned, Olympic Tokyo will save up to 280 million USD compared with the original budget of 12 billion USD.

Vettel is sad because he does not go to the top with Ferrari

On the radio channel Beyond the Grid, Sebastian Vettel confirmed that he did not regret his decision to part with Ferrari after the 2020 season. However, the four-time F1 champion admitted feeling sad when he could not step to the top once. Next season, Vettel’s next stop will be the Aston Martin Racing team.

The French rugby team found 11 cases of Covid-19 infection

Recently, Castres Olympique confirmed that 11 members of the team received positive results for Covid-19. This makes their upcoming match delayed. Since the beginning of the season, the French rugby championship has recorded 13 games postponed because of the Covid-19, three of which feature Castres Olympique.